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Richard asks…

How to market my Craigslist services?

I have like 10 Craigslist pages, and on them for 40 dollars each i offer stuff likes 10,000 youtube views for a video, or 500 Twitter followers to follow you, or 8,000 site visitors to your site, or 200 Facebook people to join your group, or 100 likes and Favorites on your youtube video, or 125 SEO backlinks for your site. How do i market stuff like this for more potential buyers. Are there other sites?

Backlinks Bonanza answers:

I think Twitter could be a good option to promote the catch and apart from that I think you should go on with blogging. It although takes time but am sure it will help you to make things popular. Thanks!

Lisa asks…

Where can I find out how to write articles and press releases for my site to build my google rank?

I want to know a site that shows you how to make articles and press releases for your site to build google ranking and get back links to your website. I would hope they would be tutorials or something like that so I can learn how to do it by myself.

Backlinks Bonanza answers:

You build Google ranking by having backlinks from sites that are already well-established, and who choose to link to you because your content is so great.

Just writing a new article – which you could do on Hubpages, or Triond, or similar article sites, if you can write a relevant article that includes a link to your site – would not actually help at all, unless it was a very popular and highly ranked article. But if it’s just advertising your site, then it wouldn’t be allowed.

As for press releases – you’d have to get in contact with whatever newspapers or other publications might be interested in your site. But if it’s the kind of site that’s big enough for a newspaper to want to announce it, you’ll probably get backlinks fairly easily from other sites anyway.

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