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Ruth asks…

Which free web hosting could be a good choice for the website of a lecture?

I’ve recently started to give a lesson on the university an need to build a web space for this lesson to announce schedules, to put in the lesson notes and upload some presentations. Shortly to communicate to the students and provide them to download some files.
I think i need at least 50 mb of space. Any advice?

Backlinks Bonanza answers:

Try Microsoft’s free service:
You get free web hosting, domain name, business email and a very good site builder, you get it all free. The sign up is also easy. It’s called Microsoft Office Live, their link is on the front page of this web site:

Helen asks…

Does anyone have tips on building an amazing bike trail?

Does anyone have tips on building an amazing bike trail? I live on a mountain with around 150 Acres of wooded land at my desposal. One problem is that because it is on a mountain (literally) it has a fairly steep grade. Also unfortunatly I don’t have a GPS device :( So any tips on marking out paths would be greatly appreciated.

Backlinks Bonanza answers:

Wow…that’s an awesome opportunity you have!!!

I’m not a super-expert on trailbuilding but I’ve done my fair share and have ridden tons of trails. I think the best advice I could give you is to spend a lot of time reading the IMBA website. Look in their “resources” section….there’s literally tons of info there to help with design, building, and sustainability, as well as advice on liability and smart planning. Http://

Also, you can get a free dvd from the US Forestry Service about trail building/sustainability. You can find it on their site, and I think IMBA has a link to it as well (might have to search for it).

Building on steep grades is a real challenge because you have to do it right in order to make a nice flowy trail, and to prevent rains from destroying all of the work you put into it. You’ll have to do the switchbacks properly and probably do a lot of bench cuts/build-ups…..major pain in the back!

There are lots of other places for info out there….if you ask this question on some of these sites and forums you may get a motherlode of resources and advice. Good luck…hope it turns out great! :o ) (forums) (forums) (manufacturer, but they may be helpful if you ask them!)

I got curious, so I seached google and found this site, too. Http://

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