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Ken asks…

How much would you estimate the cost of building a wooden rowing shell?

I am wondering about cost of materials plus the amount of time I would have to invest into it. Also, how difficult would it be for somebody like me with no boat building experience? Looking for answers from somebody who has stitch and tape boat building experience.

Backlinks Bonanza answers:

It is easier and cheaper then most think…
The link below overs plans and kits… I have been buying plans from these guys for over 40 years. They are good people, have great selection of plans, but most importantly, they are there for you “after the sale is made”. They will answer your questions, and help you complete your boat building project.

They have a nice 17′ rowing shell set of plans for $82.00 and a stitch and glue kit for $144.00 – You can build this boat for under $1,000.
Purchase Plans vs Free plans – take it from me… (the old man that has so much experience screwing up – I can help you prevent doing the same… ) Free plans are worth every penny you pay for them… NOTHING!
Purchase plans are worth their weight in an accurate “Bill of Marerials” alone… These guys have not only drawn up the plans, but they have actually built the boat… So, they know exactly what materials you need, and know exactly the best way to build and assemble the boat… Trust me – buy the plans from the people that have built the boat!
The site below is a great site… Lots of great boat building information and pictures, and “how to” instructions, tips, suggestions, etc. (Well worth a look!)
Also, if you call them, or email them, they will tell you exactly what that boat is likely to cost you to build, and for $10 they will send you study plans with a complete Bill of Materials that you can use to cost out yourself… And then they will deduct that $10 from your order for the full set of plans…

Happy and Safe Boating!

Mark asks…

how do you get rid of a link that has hijacked your email account and is sending out spam?

how do you get rid of a link that has hijacked my email account and is sending out male enhancement products to all my friends in my address book. It randomly sends emails out to my friends. How do i stop this and i have changed my password to my email account.

Backlinks Bonanza answers:

This happens alot…usually a win 32 backdoor Trojan or bot is placed on the computer by going to unsecured sites or visiting a website that has a Malicious URL code built in for anyone clicking on the website….your e-mail has not been hacked…nor do you need to change your password (but that is up to you)…..but the infection(s) must be removed…download and scan with these two free utilities….and when you download malwarebytes…it will ask you for a free trial to the paid pro version…just click “no thanks”…the free version works just as well….


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