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Mark asks…

What is the best way to get traffic to your website?

I have a fast pay click website but no the problem is getting people to view it. What is the best way to get views to my site?

Backlinks Bonanza answers:

I’ve found that there is no one “best” way to get people to view your website but there are certain strategies you MUST employ and a variety you can delve into to promote your site on the web.

First off you should try and use some free ways of accumulating traffic. The most fundamental one initially is search engine optimization (SEO). Essentially this means editing the layout and content of your site to be noticed more by the search engines. It is important to do this before submitting your sites to the search engines and directories.

Find a book about it here
Find a free course about it here

This means that the domain must be yours totally and can be manipulated by you to fix certain parts of your html code (I advise you to do this yourself) or you can hire someone to do it for you. Just type in “seo consultant” or “seo firm” in Google.

The parts of the html code you need to edit are the portions known as the head of the document. Here you need to place some targeted keywords and phrases as well as a well targeted title and description for your site so the search engines can crawl your site more effectively. This is just the tip of the iceberg on seo…….but refer to the sources for other details.

Other free ways to get traffic include:

1. Ensuring the site has good content that is updated regularly. That’s the only way that visitors will remain on the site and also return for updated parts of it.

2. You must build links from other similar websites especially those which are already considered authorities in your field by Google. It is your link popularity which will help to determine how well you rank in the various search engines.
Try the link exchange group Link Metro

3. Participate in forums and discussion boards. However don’t just choose any group, ensure it is used by people who would be interested in your website’s product or sevice. Also in your signature for the groups place a resource box with a link to your site.

4. Write articles based off whatever content your site is related to and submit them to article directories.
Eg. Http://

The key here is that at the end of your article you’ll have an about the author box with a link to your site there.

5. Joining safelists and sending mass messages to people who might be in your target market telling them about your website, product or service. The key here is to join many not just one. Be careful to use a “junker” email address for your list email if you won’t be interested in other people’s offers because you’ll be receiving a lot of additional mail
Some good ones to start you off are:
The Mad Vlad
Ad Solution Line
Ad Tactics
Business World List

6. Sending announcements on free for all (FFA) sites and classifieds ad sites.

7. Use traffic exchanges which ask you to browse through other websites in their network and depending on how often you surf you receive back visitors to you own site
Examples of some exchanges are:
Traffic G
I Love Hits
Hit safari
Advertising Know How

8. An innovative way to grab some more visitor’s attention is to make a video about something related to your website an
upload it to video sharing networks. Eg Youtube Even if you just place it on your own website it will be an eye-catching way of keeping visitors glued to your site

Other ways to advertise and promote your site where you may have to pay some money:

1. Advertising in ezines (there are some free ezines but unless you advertise in a bunch of them per week you won’t get much increase in visitors) which have a target audience similar to who would visit your website. Use google to search for some good ones.

2. Paying search engines eg. Google and Yahoo! Search Marketing for links you place on their sites based off whatever keywords/phrases are related to your site. These Pay-Per-Clicks (PPCs) will provide you with targeted audience because people only click on your site because they’re interested in whatever product/service you offer.

3. Most of the free offers mentioned before usually have a paid component to them to increase usage of the system. If you’re going to pay for any, try the safelists first especially if your site has something to do with computers and internet marketing.

4. Most of the free offers also have some software or company that will be able to blast more ads to more than one network at a time. Some I’ve found useful are
Ezine Blasters
Safelist Blasters
FFA Blasters
Search engine Blasters

5. You can create banners for you business/ website and pay to place them on other websites (There are some free banner exchange programmes also)

Nancy asks…

How do I get free traffic to my website easily?

I am promoting clickbank products, I have a subdomain here it is: See if the site is good enough to promote and tell me how to get traffic to it. Thank you!

Backlinks Bonanza answers:

Hi there, well i checked out the site. It not a bad way to be a one stop shop for people interested in the niche products/education you will be offering. I think having just a list of affiliate links is not the best way of doing it.

Watch this video and the come back here and read the rest:

For each product your promoting i would make it more of a review site. Giving your opinion and review of the product then offer the hidden/ masked affiliate link. Then build a list and drive traffic.

What education are you doing? I would defiantly recommend getting involved in forum to start learning affiliate marketing ..

If you wanna make money online, you need to learn how to market online. Yull spend way more messing up, than paying for an education and having game plan.

Here is a link to a forum Im a member of.. I started from scratch about 6 months ago and have learned so much, i can ask questions, webinars, case studies, tools and all kinds of great stuff like how to get free traffic, paid traffic, tracking, PPV/PPC/SEO training and sooooo much more.

Copy this link and See you inside: my ID is JBsmox

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