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Betty asks…

How do I set up a website and register a domain name for my small business?

I have a small business building fences patios and decking etc, and want to set up a website to advertise myself. I just need a basic site to display pictures of my work, and give contact info. I know nothing about how to do this so please give any answers in laymans terms. Thanks in advance.

Backlinks Bonanza answers:

To setup a proper website and have a domain you need to look at a domain and hosting company like You can use a template and setup a basic web page. There will be a yearly charge even though costs are quoted at monthly.

There are some hosting options; one is BT Tradespace (free) which you could buy a domain and point to this site. The second is Free Index (free). And thirdly there is who offer web space, not sure how much.

The advantage of a domain and web hosting site is you can have a proper email address like Note that .com address will be more expensive. But you do have to maintain it and do some things to get it into the search engines.

Business Link run courses in your area.

Lizzie asks…

My neighbours have installed a new boiler with the outlet underneath my bedroom window.Is this allowed?

I’m the top floor flat in a 2-storey building. My downstairs neighbours had a new boiler fitted today with the exhaust / outlet directly beneath my bedroom window. When the boiler comes on, stinky fumes go into my bedroom. I’m not happy about this and wondered if there are any regulations (in the UK) about installing boilers under neighbours windows? Any links would be appreciated so I can pass them on to the neighbours.

Backlinks Bonanza answers:

As its a new boiler it will be fan flued so get your measuring tape out , it should be more than 300mm away from openings into dwellings , if its condensing it will plume steam which can be a nuisance but not life threatening , if you still feel worried why not ask your neighbour if they can move the flue along the outside away from your window , its not a big job and will envolve lenghtening the flue outlet of there boiler .
Lastly you will not get carbon monoxide fumes coming in your window these are only generated in unventilated and incomplete combustion cases , proper combustion gives off water vapour and carbon dioxide , only when theres a faulty flue or inadequate ventilation does the carbon dioxide get reburnt which produces the carbon monoxide , as there boiler will be fan flued if theres a flue fault the boiler will shut down .hope this helps i would speak to your neighbour and see if there willing to extend there flue as its causing you a nuisance , if its closer than 300mm report it to corgi who will make the fitter fix the installation , only other thing is all boilers are different size wise from openings , if you can find out which 1 make and model wise go to the manufacturers web site and bingo a size

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