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Helen asks…

How to structure a website for selling translation services to/from English-Lithuanian?

I’m starting translation services to/from English-Lithuanian and am building a website for that. I got stuck with the structure of the website, What pages, what’s on home page, etc?

Backlinks Bonanza answers:

What If:

1. Welcome (Home) Page
2. Lithuanian
3. Get A Quote
4. Why Choose Us
5. Contact Us
6. TOS
7. Privacy
8. Sitemap

Make Your Site Simple Navigation: Several Links On Top, Several Side And Back

Hope This Helps!

Sandy asks…

Is it possible for me to build a website and get paid for it?

Like create a website and get paid by how many people visit it or click on the links or something?

Or do i have to be a manager in this huge company?
add details please.

and how?

Backlinks Bonanza answers:

Yes its possible, and happens all the time.

You need a paid web host for your site. A free site just wont work as well. The good news is, a paid top of the line host like i put below will only cost you 3.88 a month, and you get everything you need, and the support to get it running fast.

You will put Google adsense on your site, its very easy, and anyone that clicks it will earn you money. You can also do affiliates. If you are just starting out however, look into CPA.

This means you get paid for getting your visitors to do something, like fill in an email address, or zip code. A good one to start with is

But first you need a good site, and a good host. The host will get you started with everything you need.
Good luck

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