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Michael asks…

How to build a gaming computer when you don’t know anything about computers?

So I really need and want a new computer for some of the newer games I wish to play. My old PC is crap and can’t take it so I was hoping someone who understands the components of building a computer can help me.

My budget limit I guess would $1200-ish (I want it to be nice but not spend a fortune)

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You learn how to do it by doing it!

Alaba’s suggestions are excellent for what hardware to get.

As for putting it together, Maximum PC has some excellent videos on how to do it step-by-step:

and another one here:

As for the old one, do the following so you can get a good resale value for it (also do this on the new one to optimize it):

0. Ensure the Hard Disc Drive is not damaged or faulty.
Solution – Run CheckDisk:
a. Start> Computer >select C Drive>Right Click C Drive>select “Properties”>”Tools” > click “Check Now”> Select both boxes and click “Start”.
B. This can take a long time, so let it complete (may take all night or longer. Be patient.)

1. Ensure your PC has as much memory (RAM) as possible.
Solution — Find out how much RAM your PC has:
a. Go to Start > Right Click “Computer” > Properties
b. This will list the processor type and speed as well as how much RAM is installed and what version of windows is running along with the Service Pack #. Write all this down as it may be needed later.
C. Search your PC’s name and model # followed by “memory” and see what’s listed. This tells you what kind of memory you need and how many “Sticks” your PC will accept.
D. Get the maximum amount of memory your computer can hold and install it (you can search “How to install memory on a (your model name and #)” to find some videos on how to do this.

2. Ensure the PC is protected.
Solution – Update existing Anti-Malware software or install if there are none.
A. Open the Anti-Virus program and ensure it is up to date.
B. Open the Anti-Spyware program and ensure it is up to date
c. If no Anti-Virus or Anti-Spyware, get good programs (Ad Aware is a good Anti-Spyware solution and it’s free — see link below).
D. If getting another AV program, remove the old one before installing the replacement one.

3. Remove Malware from your PC
Solution – Run the Antivrus and then the Antispyware scans (can take a while if never done. Be patient):
a. Scan the whole system with the Anti-Virus & handle whatever found;
b. Scan the whole system with the Anti-Spyware & handle whatever found;

4. Next, ensure the Registry is clean.
Solution: Get and run a good registry cleaner.
A. Check to see if there is a registry cleaner already on the system;
b. If none, get CCleaner Yahoo it or go to site shown below
c. Run the Registry cleaner till it finds and corrects all errors

Note: Be careful with Registry Cleaners as some reportedly cause more damage than they help. Use a time-tested reliable one. CCleaner is one of the originals and is safe.

5. Now defragment the drive.
Solution – Get a good third party program that will defrag your drive and keep it defragmented.

Fragmentation is basically broken-up pieces of files and free space randomly scattered all over your disk. The disk has to work a lot harder to save files in pieces and then to find them again and this really slows your computer down and wears out your disk.

Windows has a built-in defrag tool but it is very slow and you cannot use the PC while it is running (some users complain that it did not completely defrag their disks despite running all night).

A. Below is a Top 10 Reviews side-by-side comparison of the best defrag programs around.
B. Select a program and install it. The better defrag programs are automatic. The gold medal winner in the above review defragments while you use the PC and it will also prevent fragmentation.

You can get a free trial for the gold medal winner via the review or at the site listed below.

C. Defragment your disk drives. The best defrag programs are very fast and you will be able to see the progress (with the gold medalist, you can use the PC while it is working with no problem).

Once this all is done, your PC will be in the best shape possible.

Good luck!

Bill R TechSpec

Maria asks…

What is the best strength training workout video?

I’m looking to build up my muscles, NOT lose a lot of weight and I’m wondering if anyone knows any good strength training workout DVD’s? Any help would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance!

Backlinks Bonanza answers:

You need better goals that just “build my muscles”. Your body is unique and so should your goals be. Think about specifically what it is you want to accomplish and then don’t approach bodybuilding like a mindless zombie who just wants to watch videos online or DVDs and do some exercises and never have to think. Instead, make bodybuilding a learning experience so you can become your own personal trainer. It’s your body and it has to last a lifetime and there is no one more able to control your physical performance for life than you. All you need is to learn the basics of anatomy, kinesiology, physiology, nutrition, etc. So you can be all you can be through every stage of life. Here’s a great way to get started.

Watch all of Scooby’s 175+ videos. You can find Scooby here —> on YouTube.

Scooby is the best trainer I’ve found in the internet. He’ll show you how to build your body from working out to diet and food tips without shoving a lot of advertising in your face and trying to steer you into junk supplements you don’t need. He’s been there, done that and has the body to prove it. He offers good information though he does have a few points wrong such as how much protein you need, what cardio is for, how much water you should consume, etc. Nonetheless, you can’t beat his price (free) and he’s constantly adding new videos. Be sure to watch all 165+ videos to get a good basic eduction in how to build muscle and stay cut.

Also, be sure to read and study everything on this website –> . It has videos showing the proper form for scores of exercises and tons of good information. It too is not perfect because it’s provided free by someone who is donating his information to the public for philanthropic reasons. Nonetheless, combined with Scooby’s videos and website, you wil learn a lot about bodybuilding, fitness training, kinesiology, etc.

Here’s another good website for you if you’re a teen. Unfortunately you left out that all important informaiton…your age. Nemours knows what teenagers want to know and they provide answers from top professionals. This is an excellent website you can trust so be sure to bookmark it and use it. It’s been recommended by the US National Institute of Health and has tons of information about your growing and changing body. –>

You’ll find a lot of websites dedicated to bodyweight exercises if you just Google “bodyweight exercises”. They can help supplement your weight routines until you get more weight.

Also, be sure to use the links below, start digging for the information you need, always be a critical thinker and a skeptic, cross check all references, and take what you learn to the gym whether at home or the Y or some commercial fitness center to put what you’ve learned to the test. Keep good records of your biometrics so you’ll have a history you can refer to for progress monitoring. Stay away from supplements and dot com websites with lots of advertising and cool graphics of ripped dudes and hot babes. They scam site and should be avoided. And don’t forget about books. Libraries are still a relatively pristine resource of information.

Read my answer about protein supplements here –>;_ylt=AtGdwn5cqfesP6O1LkavjSjty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20110821092640AA3hq12

Read my answer about supplements here –>;_ylt=AmA35VDViBrL0y9rSkKcLknty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20111001134224AANB0OV

Read my answer about supplement scamming here –>;_ylt=Aii1OzUVjBo7o550CXhmvVbty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20111014151252AAak0J4

Read my answer about how to eat here —>;_ylt=AlTDB0OPAGPzNFiPDNJ4QZXty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20111013033752AA48FJG

Good luck and good health!!


Note: You have a US Yahoo account so people, like me, who have opted to view USA questions only can only assume you are in the US. If you are not in the US, some of the information in the foregoing answer may be invalid and you may want to correct your Y!A account country setting for better answers.

PS: Here are some good websites you may find useful.

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