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Carol asks…

How to get top ranking in google search engine?

If you want to make your site top listen at the selected key words,then what is the best way to arise it in google search engine,thus enhancing the traffic so do the buying stuff???

Backlinks Bonanza answers:

To be honest, it’s not all about SEO. Search Engine Optimization is a factor is getting top rankings in search engines, but it is not the sole entity. SEM (search engine marketing, back linking and link popularity are just as important.

And don’t be fooled into thinking that keywords will get you to the top either. Key phrases are the way to go. When someone does a search, they don’t usually use only one word. They use a specific phrase. Gear your description and keywords meta tags towards that. You will see your site bump up in its rank faster than you could imagine.

Use social media and bookmarking sites. Announce your site by linking to it and watch your visits climb. Also, submit your site to web directories placing it within the same category your site is in. When you increase the number of sites linking back to yours, it creates visits to your site. The more visits you have, the more search engines seem to think your site is worthy of top listings.

These are tactics that I use for the sites I build and they have been proven to work exponentially.

Charles asks…

I want to build a Coffee Table with Coasters and a Chalkboard Top, any suggestions?

I want to build a coffee table for our living room that has coasters on the bottom so it can roll around. I also want the top to be a chalkboard top for my kids to use. Any ideas where I can get some free plans on how to make this? I think I saw a plan once in a Woman’s Day Magazine but I lost it! Please help!

Backlinks Bonanza answers:

We offer a magnetic receptive, chalkboard skin that you can have custom cut to what ever size you need through our web site.

We also offer chalkboards fully framed or frameless in panels that you can use.

You won’t be able to cut the porcelain steel on your own but the porcelain steel would work best especially if your using it as a coffee table. Water marks would stain or ruin a non-magnetic or composition type chalkboard.

I’ll list the link for the peel-n-stick for you below. Our toll free number within the continental U.S. Is 866-366-1500.

Good Luck
Me : )

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